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Delivery & Returns

Shipping The timeframe for delivery varies from product to product. Our objective to offer you the latest innovations limits our shipping options as some products will have been invented in a country other than your home one. For instance, a product could be created in Australia, Brazil or Germany, hence it will not be available in your country for several weeks or months.

We may therefore be forced to ship from the other end of the planet and delivery can take up to a month in rare cases, although you will get it in less than a week in most cases, depending on your location. This is how we can guarantee you the newest products as well as the lowest price. We don't hide behind the Covid excuse to justify longer delivery time.

However, if you would like to ensure that you get it in time, for example before a birthday party, please contact us - we might have alternative options.

Track orders You will always receive a tracking number by email once you have placed an order. Alternatively, you can track the order by clicking on the following link Track My Order.

Return policy We have a generous 30-day return policy. Please read its conditions on our Refund Policy page.